Frequently Asked Questions

From Activity Seekers

  • Can I browse without creating an account?
  • Yes, you can find information on local kid's activities and activity deals by entering your zip code on the home page. This will provide you with a list of ALL activity providers (with and without deals). You can narrow these results by activity type using the drop-down menu. Just click on the Program and Contact Info link to access more information about an activity provider including their address, phone number and web site link. You may also view any deals or activity listings the activity provider has listed on Just click the Deal Info or Schedule button on any provider's listing. If you do create an account, the distance to particular activity providers will be shown from your exact address, you will be able to add providers, deals and activities to your favorites and when viewing activity or camp listings we will automatically filter out activities that do not fit your child's age or gender.
  • How much does it cost to use ActivityTree?
  • It costs nothing to use! The only potential cost you could incur is when you register for an activity or purchase a deal.
  • Why do I have to create an account to make a purchase?
  • You do not need to create an account until you have decided to purchase a deal or register for an activity. At the time of purchase, we use your profile information to gather information to process your payment. Participant information is also needed to ensure your children meet the activity requirements and that you can be reached in the event of an emergency or cancellation.
  • Do you share the information in my profile?
  • View our Privacy Policy for complete details. We do not share your account information unless it is necessary to complete your registration. We communicate the following information to the provider to be used in connection with your listing registration: your name, address, telephone number, emergency contact information, medical information and participant information (only for participates registered for that provider’s listings). If you have elected not to receive promotional information from ActivityTree, neither ActivityTree, nor the providers are authorized to use contact information for promotional purposes. If you have elected to receive promotional information, you may receive promotional mailings or emails from either ActivityTree, providers or both.
  • How do I add my children to my account?
  • When you sign up you will be prompted to add your children to your account (we call them participants). This information will be saved to your profile so you can easily register, and create schedules for all of your children. If you need to add additional participants, just click My Account at the top of the page. Then click on the Participants link.
  • How do I register for multiple activities for multiple participants?
  • When you sign up and add participants you will be able to search, register and organize multiple activities for multiple participants, but you can only do so with one participant at a time. You can switch between participants anytime. To register multiple participants for the same activity, conduct your search for the first participant and click the Add to Cart button to put the listing in your shopping cart. Click a different participant on the left column and then click the Add to Cart button for that participant. Proceed to checkout by clicking on the cart button.
  • What does “Almost Full” mean?
  • Almost Full means that ActivityTree has only one or a few available spots left in the class. In order to avoid an accidental overbooking, we confirm availability with the provider before processing your registration and payment. If you select a listing that is almost full you will be asked to select a second choice that is available to ensure that you have reserved a spot that fits within your schedule. We will reserve both spots for a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of 5 days if there is a skill assessment required for the activity. The activity provider will typically resolve pending availability holds within 48 hours. Contact your provider if you have not received confirmation from ActivityTree or your provider within 48 hours of checkout.
  • If my class is closed, can I get on a waitlist?
  • ActivityTree does not maintain wait lists. You may contact the provider to determine if they have a wait list for a particular class. If you are placed on a provider’s wait list, you should complete your registration with the provider directly.
  • Can I view all the activities I have selected?
  • Yes. All listings that have been added to your cart or added to your favorites will show in your schedule above your search results when you are logged in. You can also view items in your cart by clicking the Shopping Cart link at the top of the screen.
  • How do I use a Promotion Code?
  • When you are ready to register for listings enter the promotional code in the box at the bottom of your Shopping Cart and click Apply to Cart.
  • Why is my registration pending?
  • A registration can be pending for three reasons. First, if the listing is almost full, we confirm availability with the provider to avoid overbooking. This confirmation occurs within 48 hours after checkout. If the listing is not available, and you have selected a second choice, you will automatically be registered for your second choice listing. Second, if the listing has a skill assessment we must wait until the provider confirms the skill assessment is completed and the selected listing is appropriate. It is up to you and the provider to resolve pending skill assessments within 5 days or the activity will automatically be canceled without charge to you. If the listing is not appropriate, you can delete the pending registration and select a new listing or the provider can simply replace the registration for you at the end of your skill assessment with the appropriate activity. Third, payments must be processed. All payments will be processed within 48 hours of checkout with the exception of skill assessment activities. If you have registrations that are pending due to a skill assessment, these transactions, and all other transactions in your order, may not be processed for up to 5 days after checkout or until all pending status activities are resolved. Regardless of the reason for pending status, you will not be charged until the pending status has been resolved.
  • How do I cancel a registration?
  • Log in. Click cancel next to the registration you would like to cancel. If your registration was pending, the purchase will cancel without charge to you. For deal purchases, if the purchase has confirmed, but you are not able to redeem your deal, ActivityTree can process a refund for you. For deal purchases you have redeemed or activity registrations that have confirmed, you should contact the provider to request a refund. In this case the terms of the provider’s cancellation policy will determine whether you are entitled to a refund or credit.
  • Am I charged a service fee if I cancel a registration?
  • Yes. The ActivityTree service fee is nonrefundable. We incur expenses when processing your payment. We retain the service fee to cover these expenses.
  • How do I join a carpool?
  • To participate in carpooling, you must have already registered for an activity on Log in and Click on the My Account Link at the top of the page. Click on the Carpool button to view carpool options by listing. Click Contact next to carpool option to send an anonymous email to another ActivityTree user to inquire about carpooling. The recipient will not receive your contact information unless you provide it in the text of the email. If the recipient is interested in carpooling with you, you can exchange contact information and coordinate carpooling independently. ActivityTree only facilitates initial communication regarding carpooling. Users are solely responsible for scheduling carpooling. ActivityTree is not responsible for your carpooling arrangements, your belongings, or for any other liability related to carpooling.
  • How do I share a calendar or listing with a friend or family member?
  • To share a calendar, log in and click My Account at the top of any page. Then click Calendar. Click the Share button above and to the right of your calendar and enter the email address of who you want to share your calendar with. To share a listing, click the activity that you want to share from your schedule or your calendar. Click the Share button above and to the right of your Activity Detail page and enter the email address of the person you would like to share with.

  • From Activity Providers

  • Do you charge listing fees?
  • No. There is no charge to list your business, deals or activities on With our new membership options, you will never see a charge from ActivityTree unless we send you a paid customer or a referral to your phone, web site or email account. You only pay if it works!
  • Do you charge for views/impressions?
  • No. There is no cost for unlimited views of your business information, activities and deals.
  • Are there any fees associated with membership?
  • Yes, but only when we send you paid customers OR click referrals. You choose the option that fits your business. Sign-up now for a no-obligation account to learn more about our membership options. Or, contact us and we can answer your questions. We don't have sales people and won't pressure you!
  • What if I don’t want to offer deals or activities for purchase in your marketplace?
  • Our Business Membership was designed for you! With this option, you can choose to only list your location(s) and there is only a fee if we send you a referral. See the previous question for more detailed information.
  • Do I need to create individual accounts if I have multiple locations?
  • No. You can add additional locations within your existing account. There is no additional cost for multiple locations. While logged in, simply click on Account Information at the top of the screen and then click on Locations.
  • What if I don’t have a physical business address or provide on-site lessons or parties?
  • We recommend that you enter a city, state and zip code for your location that is in the center of your service area. If you do this, please be sure to also add a Billing Address on the Account Information page so we can be sure checks are mailed to the correct address.
  • Can I change memberships?
  • Yes. You can change memberships at any time. Simply log in and visit the Membership Options page to change your membership. If you have questions, contact us toll-free at 888-574-5274.
  • Can I cancel my membership?
  • Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply send an email to requesting cancellation.
  • Is it difficult to create an account?
  • No. Creating an account takes less than 2 minutes. Just click on Sign Up at the top of any screen. If you have questions, our customer service staff is available Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm to answer your questions and help you get set-up. After your account is created, you will also be assigned a personal account manager who can provide assistance.
  • Is it difficult to add deals and listings?
  • No. While you are logged in, click on Deals & Activities at the top of the page. From that page you can easily access the Add a Deal, Activity or Location page. Just complete the forms to add your listings. If you prefer, just email us and we will do it for you!
  • Why is my business information listed on ActivityTree?
  • If you did not create your account yourself, your basic information was added to the site by one of our researchers or at the suggestion of a local parent. Call us for access information.


Pending Charge

This Class, Lesson or Camps will be charged within 48 hours of your checkout.

Pending Skill Assessment

This kids class, lesson or camp is pending a skill assessment. You should work with the provider to complete this skill assessment. If the assessment is not complete within 5 days, ActivityTree will automatically cancel this registration.

Pending Provider Approval

This Kids Class, Lesson or Camp is pending the provider's approval.


Click for Registration and Class details.


This Kids Class, Lesson or Camp is FULL.

Almost Full

ActivityTree confirms availablity. 2nd choice option will be offered.

New Session

Kids Classes available through ActivityTree: Kids Swimming Hockey Dance Karate Martial Arts Horseback riding Gymnastics art music soccer baseball softball cooking skating skiing golf snowboarding

Conflict Warning!

This Kids Class, Lesson or Camp occurs at the same time as a registered listing or a listing that you have added to your shopping cart.

Meets During

Morning 6am to 11:59am
Afternoon 12:00pm to 4:59pm
Evening 5pm to 10pm
Full Day Camp Takes place during a full day.
Overnight Camp Takes place over one or more nights.

Cancelation Policy

ActivityTree offers refunds for deal purchases if you are not able to redeem your deal. For activity registrations that have been charged to your credit card, please contact the activity provider to request a refund or credit per their cancellation policy. Clicking 'cancel' for an activiy on ActivityTree after your credit card has been charged, does not process a refund. Any ActivityTree service fee charged is non-refundable.

Zip Code

When logged in zip code is pulled from your user account. If you want to change the zip code used you can change your zip code in the 'My Account' link above.

Pending Assessment

Your kids class, lesson or camp cannot be processed until your child completes a skill assessment or the provider waives the skill assessment. Please contact the Kids Class, Lesson or Camp provider as soon as possible to resolve this prerequisite. We will reserve your spot for five days. If the skill assessment has not been completed or waived within five days from your order, your reserved activity or camp selection will be automatically canceled.

Pending Approval

You have selected a Kids Class, Lesson or Camp that has limited availability. We must confirm availability with the provider before completing your selection. This process will be completed within 48 hours. During the 48 hour period you will have a reserved spot in your selected listings (1st choice and 2nd choice). If your 1st choice is not available, the registration process will automatically proceed with your 2nd choice.

Pending Payment

Your Deal, Lesson or Camp selection is pending payment. Payment will be processed within 48 hours and you will receive a receipt by email.

Pending Membership Status

Discount must be approved by provider. If provider does not approve discount, selection will be processed without the discount.

Maximum Possible Purchase Price

Because you have selected a kids Class, Lesson or Camp with limited availability, or which requires a skill assessment, an actual total cannot be calculated at this time. The maximum Possible Purchase Price assumes that you are registered for the listings (whether 1st or 2nd choice) with the greatest purchase price.

You will receive one or more receipts which reflect the actual total for all charges. You will receive this within 48 hours unless one of your activities or camps is still pending a skill assessment. In certain cases, the receipt may be generated by the activity provider rather than ActivityTree.

Online Inventory

Number of spaces allocated to ActivityTree. Preferred members must set online inventory equal to class size.

Pending Registrations

Credit cards cannot be deleted when transactions are pending. To cancel, click cancel from your summary schedule. Cancellations are subject to the providers' policies. ActivityTree does not issues refunds or credits for cancellations.