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    By: Dawn Juntilla

    It was the middle of winter and my daughter was three years old.  I needed something to get us out of the house and also allowed her to burn off some of her pent up energy.  I decided to give gymnastics a whirl.  She was too old for a mommy and me class and, quite frankly, I thought that was a good thing. It meant my little cling-on could start to develop some independence. 

    It was already the 11 weeks into a 17 week session, but fortunately for us, Little Gym allows you to enroll at anytime. And fortunately for them, I was desperate. Despite missing several weeks of class, my daughter jumped right in and loved it from her first class. 

    I recalled taking gymnastics classes as a little girl and quickly realized these were quite different…for the better!  Each week had a unique theme to engage and entertain the kids.  They were having fun and had no idea that they were learning foundational tumbling and gymnastics skills during each hour-long class.  I initially thought that length would be too long to keep their interest, but I was wrong! Bonus: Parents could easily view their little tumbler from the other side of the gym’s glass wall.

    They had a “performance” at the end of the session. The instructors did a great job integrating kids with different skill sets. And to my surprise, my daughter was able to learn the full routine even though she started so late in the session.  All of the kids received a medal and certificate and they are still highly coveted around our house.

    In the end my daughter learned how to walk on a balance beam and do a forward roll.  As a general rule, the instructors are not gymnasts and can only take your child so far.  If your child has an interest in taking home Olympic gold, you will need to switch to a more traditional gymnastics gym.   However, I don’t see anything wrong with letting them have a little fun before that time comes.

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